Wijzigingen aan de arbeidsregelgeving van zeevarenden (MLC-verdrag)

Eerder kon U in onze nieuwsberichten lezen dat de Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC-verdrag) op 21 augustus 2014 in België in werking is getreden. Daarna werd, onder impuls van Europese regelgeving, de Belgische wetgeving op een beperkt aantal vlakken aangepast. MLC 2006 bepaalt wereldwijde minimumnormen die het recht van alle zeevarenden op behoorlijke leef- en werkomstandigheden garanderen, ongeacht hun nationaliteit en ongeacht de vlag van het schip waarop zij werken.

AMBOS NBGO assists Van Avondt with the sale of its BMW and MINI concession

Ambos Law assisted Garage Van Avondt, Carrosserie Van Avondt NV and its shareholders with the sale of their BMW and MINI concession to Juma group.

With BMW locations in Herent and Mechelen, a Mini store in Herent, a BMW Premium Selection second-hand location in Herent and Mechelen and on both locations abodywork department, Van Avondt and Juma can be considered as well established names in the automotive world for the regions Mechelen and Leuven.

Christina Trappeniers and Samuel Darcheville constituted the deal team for this transaction


Ambos NBGO  assisted AgroSavfe NV and its shareholders in the preparation, negotiation and closing of a EUR 3,3 million third capital raising round. The shareholder consortium has been joined by, amongst others, Sofinnova, being an independent venture capital firm based in Paris. Furthermore, the company’s existing shareholders, including GIMV, PMV, Biovest (Rudi Mariën), QBIC Arkiv Fund, Biotech Fonds Vlaanderen and Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB), continue to support the growth of the company.


In an effort to halt the continuing rise in the cost deriving from work incapacity, which threatens the sustainability of our social protection in the longer term, a new Royal Decree aimed at promoting the reintegration of long-term sick workers recently entered into force.

Publication - The leniency guidelines of the Belgian Competition Authority anno 2016

The leniency guidelines of the Belgian Competition Authority anno 2016 – Clearer and more transparent, published in Dutch in the Tijdschrift voor Belgische Mededinging, 2016, n° 3, p. 243-262.

Reclassification of a contractor’s agreement into an employment relationship: Supreme Court overrules principal because the contract is not foolproof

The phenomenon of fake self-employment is as old as labour law itself, but nevertheless remains very relevant. This is again illustrated by a judgement of the Supreme Court of 10th October 2016, where the Court stated that the right to apply disciplinary sanctions is incompatible with the existence of an independent contractor’s agreement.

AMBOS NBGO assisted Trimble AB and Trimble Europe BV with the sale of its Unmanned Aircraft System business to Delair-Tech SAS

Ambos NBGO has assisted Trimble AB and Trimble Europe BV with the sale Gatewing NV to Delair-Tech SAS. Gatewing NV was the Belgian based Unmanned Aircraft System business of the Trimble group.


Ambos NBGO assists listed NIBE Industrier AB with acquisition of the Belgian branch of British Enertech Group

Ambos NBGO has assisted the Swedish law firm Delphi and the listed company NIBE with the acquisition of Enertech Belgium which is part of the British Enertech Group. The Belgian acquisition forms part of an international transaction in six European countries in which NIBE has acquired several branches.

Update on anti-piracy rules in Belgium

With the publication of a Royal Decree of 1 September 2016 in the Official Belgian State Gazette, the last update of the Belgian anti-piracy rules is now in place.

Armed guards on Belgian flagged vessels are allowed (under certain conditions) since the law of 16 January 2013. Meanwhile some of the rules on this topic have changed. I will give a brief outline of the recent changes.

Geographical limits

Ambos NBGO assists investment fund Kebek I with the acquisition of EBOS via its portfolio company Mifratel NV

Ambos NBGO has assisted the independent Belgian private equity fund Kebek I with the acquisition of EBOS via its controlling stake in Mifratel NV.

Mifratel NV is a Belgian contact center that combines both inbound and outbound activities for which it uses various communication channels (telephone, internet, chat, e-mail, fax, ...). Mifratel NV targets customers in all sectors, with a historically developed specialization in the telecommunication and energy sector.