AMBOS assists Willy Tans NV and Wouter De Neve in the purchase of the property management company Jesco NV, owner of 11 commercial properties all over Belgium.

Willy Tans NV is a wealthy family business which is today managed by Willy Tans and his sons, Frank and Bart. Recently, they started diversifying their real estate portfolio from Flemish retail properties to residential and office properties.


Wouter De Neve is the owner of Immo Structura, being a reputed real estate agent with offices around Brussels and currently extending to entire Flanders.


Jesco NV is a property management company owning around ten buildings.


AMBOS assisted Willy Tans NV and Wouter De Neve during the negotiations and with the purchase of all the existing shares of Jesco NV.


Christina Trappeniers and Samuel Darcheville led the AMBOS-team for this transaction.

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