On 2 April 2013 the second Royal Decree concerning the new Belgian Law on Piracy was published. The Royal Decree regulates all the reports that a shipowner and/or operator of a ship must file when he wants to use a maritime security company.

Thus, the contract with a maritime security company needs to be reported to the Belgian government. A copy of this contract needs to be sent to both the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Mobility and Transport.

Furthermore the law obliges every master or owner or operator of a ship which has been attacked by pirates to report the incident to the crisis centre of the government. This Royal Decree describes in more detail what exactly needs to be reported. 

This Royal Decree is for the time being the last piece of legislation in the legal framework on combating maritime piracy on vessels sailing under a Belgian flag.

For more information concerning piracy, please contact Peter Van de Vijver or Philippe Van Dijck.

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