UK desk

Our lawyers have held London-based partnerships at top-tier Anglo-American firms and have worked at the very best English firms and at the London offices of foreign firms. 

Our in-depth knowledge of English business practices and understanding of English law enables us to advise UK companies doing business in Belgium on the best way to get the transaction through and what to watch out for (and vice versa).

We work closely together with UK firms recognized as leaders in their field. These relations are non-exclusive and enable us to assemble a tailor-made, integrated team of lawyers with the best expertise and contacts in Belgium and the UK, for any particular case, offering our global clients top-quality advice, wherever they need it.

So when we ask our clients how Ambos makes the difference internationally, they tell us that having legal counsel who speaks their language and understands both the law and the culture on both sides of the table is what makes the difference in getting the deal done or the dispute resolved.