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New Code of Companies and Associations - key changes for the existing NV/SA

The new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations entered into effect on 1 May 2019.

The new Code introduces major reforms to Belgian company law.

The “star” of the new Code is the BV/SRL, which is remodeled as a company without legal capital and which is given a high degree of flexibility.

But what should you do with your existing NV/SA? Keep it? Or convert it into a BV/SRL?

To answer this question, and to provide you with more information about the impact of the Code on the NV/SA, the Ambos corporate team has prepared a practical outline highlighting the key changes introduced by the Code that are relevant to the existing (unlisted) NV/SA.

In this outline, you will also find a brief overview of the new opportunities offered by the Code for the NV/SA, and some recommendations on how to adjust the existing NV/SA to the new legal framework.

Click here to download our brochure!

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