In an effort to halt the continuing rise in the cost deriving from work incapacity, which threatens the sustainability of our social protection in the longer term, a new Royal Decree aimed at promoting the reintegration of long-term sick workers recently entered into force.

Further, the Act of 20 December 2016 sets out the effect of a reintegration upon the employment agreement. In this respect, the Law stipulates that the execution of the employment contract is not suspended during the performance of adapted work or other work with the employer. In addition, the Act also clarifies the method of calculation of the indemnity in lieu of notice and provides for a new article 34 in the Law on Employment Contracts, which regulates the manner in which an employment contract may be terminated in the event of force majeure where the worker is definitely incapable to continue to perform the agreed work.

Please do not hesitate to contact the experts of our Labour, Pensions and Incentives department (Damien Stas de Richelle / Ilheme Bekhouche / Jorn Demey) should you wish to obtain further information on these reforms.

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