Ambos NBGO  assisted AgroSavfe NV and its shareholders in the preparation, negotiation and closing of a EUR 3,3 million third capital raising round. The shareholder consortium has been joined by, amongst others, Sofinnova, being an independent venture capital firm based in Paris. Furthermore, the company’s existing shareholders, including GIMV, PMV, Biovest (Rudi Mariën), QBIC Arkiv Fund, Biotech Fonds Vlaanderen and Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB), continue to support the growth of the company.

AgroSavfe is a VIB spin-off, specializing in the development of biological pesticides, called AgrobodiesTM. These AgrobodiesTM allow AgroSavfe to develop pesticides (e.g. insecticides and fungicides) based on llama antibodies. The advantage: these antibodies can be used in a lower dose and have a long lasting effect without the need to repeatedly reapply the product. Thus, they contribute to an improved, more sustainable agricultural production and are more environmental friendly. AgroSavfe will develop new formulas based on the existing AgrobodiesTM platform to diversify its plant protection products and applications.

For further information about this transaction please consult the press release at De Tijd or on Sofinnova and AgroSavfe’s website.

Christina Trappeniers and Samuel Darcheville constituted the deal team for this transaction

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