AMBOS NBGO assists Vialegis in sale to the House of HR

Ambos NBGO assisted the shareholders of Vialegis with their sale to the House of HR group.

Vialegis was established by, amongst others, Philippe Jadoul. Vialegis is the market leader in Belgium and has been active for 13 years as a partner for legal talent. Vialegis has offices in Brussels, Luxembourg, Barcelona and Madrid.

House of HR is an overall HR group with brands such as Accent Jobs, Covebo, Abylsen, Logitechnic and Peak6. Accent Jobs, the core of The House of HR, was founded by Conny Vandendriessche among others. Currently the French investment fund Naxicap is majority shareholder.

House of HR acquired 75% of the shares of Vialegis whilst the management retains 25% of the shares.

The acquisition by House of HR offers Vialegis the means to assure a faster growth on an international level.

More information about the deal is available on the website of Vialegis and House of HR.

Caroline Wildemeersch and Karen De Clercq composed the deal team of this transaction.

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